A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Amelia's home is in trouble, and only the mysterious artifact locked within the ruins of Skyne can save it. Explore the lost civilization, overcome its challenges and retrieve the artifact!

Gameplay Features:

  • Explore a complex labyrinth of ruins.
  • Defeat a horde of ancient robotic foes.
  • Collect a variety of Weapon and Equipment upgrades

Skyne was developed by a group of Game Design and Animation students from Bradley University.


  • Stephan Cantero-Guadalupe - Lead Designer
  • Josh Estill - Lead Programmer
  • Kevin Adams - Programming
  • Eric Bedwell - Lead Artist
  • Hannah Gaska - 2D Art
  • Connor Murphy - 3D Modeling
  • Doug Meyers - Sound Design/ 3D Modeling
  • Patrick Clayton - 3D Modeling
  • Matt Vroman - Class Advisor


    Skyne_MAC 65 MB
    Skyne_PC 58 MB


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    I tried this game, I don't particularly like the way this game has been designed: the controls seem very clunky and every time I jumped I would hit a hit box nd not be able to jump over an obstacle.

    I showed Skyne in my lastest YouTube episode - Top 10 Free Mac Third Person Shooter Games. Go to 5:15 in the YouTube timeline. 

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    Great concept, controls, art, and style, but the biggest issue is the jump collision physics: half of your jumps get you stuck on the tiniest of bumps halfway up the next ledge, and you fall down or get stuck falling in the same spot for 3 seconds. Plus the character moves so fast they fly off the side of some smaller ledges.

    I think it's pretty cool! very Lara Crofty of course, having fun playing it :)

    load-game button doesn't work

    A. Jumping is too unresponsive.

    B. Key structures aren't rendered until you practically bump into them, often ruining what would seem like a clear shot.