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I tried this game, I don't particularly like the way this game has been designed: the controls seem very clunky and every time I jumped I would hit a hit box nd not be able to jump over an obstacle.

I showed Skyne in my lastest YouTube episode - Top 10 Free Mac Third Person Shooter Games. Go to 5:15 in the YouTube timeline. 

Stop advertising your videos

Great concept, controls, art, and style, but the biggest issue is the jump collision physics: half of your jumps get you stuck on the tiniest of bumps halfway up the next ledge, and you fall down or get stuck falling in the same spot for 3 seconds. Plus the character moves so fast they fly off the side of some smaller ledges.

I think it's pretty cool! very Lara Crofty of course, having fun playing it :)

load-game button doesn't work

A. Jumping is too unresponsive.

B. Key structures aren't rendered until you practically bump into them, often ruining what would seem like a clear shot.